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Tube Circular Tension Fabric Hanging Sign


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Hanging signs will help you get noticed and make your booth visible from multiple angles.  A lightweight aluminum frame is wrapped with high-resolution washable fabric using dye sublimation for the graphics.  


This tube circular hanging sign is available in the following sizes (feet x inches); 8x24, 8x36, 8x42, 10x24, 10x36, 10x42, 10x48, 12x24, 12x36, 12x42, 12x48, 15x42, 15x48.  This product comes with a soft bag for transport. 


Turnaround Time

5 business days

Shipping Weight

16 - 27.5 lbs depending upon size


(Optional) Rotating Motor

  • Hanging weight capacity, 100lbs up to 10ft, 200lbs up to 12ft, 300lbs up to 15ft
  • With or without power outlet
  • Standard rotation speed: 2 RPM
  • Shipping weight: 9lbs, 17lbs, 19lbs
  • 110 VAC standard
  • Made in USA
  • Call for pricing


circular hanging trade show sign

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