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Outdoor Displays & Signs Solutions in Indianapolis, IN

May 12th, 2014 Comments off

With warm weather finally here, the outdoor displays side of our business has picked up dramatically.  Indy Displays offers a full line of portable outdoor displays along with permanent outdoor signage solutions.  Outdoor displays are designed to withstand severe weather conditions including wind, heat, and rain.  On our portable outdoor displays, we only use outdoor grade graphic materials that will not fade or tear under repeated use.

Pop Up Outdoor Tent

Pop Up Tent Setup Video

Here are a few great reasons to use outdoor displays:

  1. Storefront Advertising
  2. Perfect for any outdoor event
  3. Great for indoor promotions
  4. Simple to breakdown and transport


Outdoor Banners 

teardrop banners

Outdoor Banner Flag Setup Video

All of our outdoor displays are built to withstand outdoor conditions and are supplied by manufacturers in the united states.  Every outdoor product we carry has been selected by our team with quality in mind.  Our products do not include screen printing, only full color digital printing.  Portable outdoor displays have a number of uses.  The most common are outdoor advertising events and farmers markets.  The outdoor portable tents work well for outdoor booth locations including car shows, festivals, fairs, and home shows.  Our outdoor banners and flags work great for store front or sidewalk advertising.  Outdoor banners are often used indoors for promotions as well.  Outdoor banner stands are also used at universities and charity events.

Blizzard Outdoor Banner

outdoor banner indianaapolis

Monsoon Outdoor Display

monsoon outdoor banner indianapolis

MediaScreen Double Sided Outdoor Banner Stand

outdoor media banner stand indianapolis, in

Boulevard Poles for Banners

outdoor banner poles indianapolis

Graphic Covers for Barricades 

graphic covers for barricades indianapolis

Totem Air Outdoor or Indoor Banner

air filled totem outdoor banner

Large Format Outdoor Graphics for Buildings 

building banners indianapolis

Outdoor Vinyl Window Graphics 

outdoor vinyl window graphics indianapolis

Over the Street Banners

over the street banners indianapolis

Contact us for quotes on custom outdoor signage.  Turnaround time on most projects is 3 to 5 business days, custom projects are generally 7 to 10 business days.

The Waveline Media Trade Show Display

May 5th, 2014 Comments off

The Waveline Media Trade Show Display brings something new to the industry.  They are not only portable like the original Waveline Display, but they are a unique combination of custom modular capabilities with ultra portability.  The display hardware offers multimedia solutions including monitor mounts and iPad attachments.

waveline media trade show display


The Waveline Media Display is a great solution for companies that want one display system that can reconfigure into different sizes and layouts.  You can easily use this display in a 10×10 booth space for one show and then use it in a 10×20 booth space for another.  It is even possible to create effective 20×20 island display layout by adding a tension fabric hanging sign.  The frame of the display is similar to that of a hanging sign.  It consists of aluminum tubing and tension fabric pillow case graphics making setup a breeze.  This booth has everything most custom modular displays offer without the setup hassle or expensive shipping costs.

Why are people using hanging trade show signs?

January 24th, 2014 Comments off

Why do we suggest using hanging trade show signs?

The objective of exhibiting at a trade show can vary but generally it is to promote yourself as well as your business, to gain clients, and drive sales.  The objective of the trade show display is to draw people towards your space, to keep them there, and make you look professional and stand out from the crowd.  Adding some depth to your booth space can help attract people into your booth space from the walk way but what if you want to attract people from across the room or conference center?

This is where hanging trade show signs can help you achieve your objectives in a way other products can’t.  You don’t have to worry about sight lines taking away from your brand with a hanging sign.  This also adds another dimension to your trade show display, height.

Once you’ve made the decision to add a hanging sign to your display, you will still need to consider a few things.  What shape will work best with your space and design theme?  What size will you need?  Do you want the capability for the sign to rotate?


We have a variety of shapes to fit all your needs, from a circular design, tapered circular (larger at the top, smaller at the bottom), ellipse oval, three varieties of triangle (regular, tapered, and curved), square, and a curved square design.

Tapered Circular Hanging Signs

Tapered Circular Hanging Sign


The sizes available are different for each shape, but typically come in three different lengths and widths but may vary by product.  The signs can range from 8 – 15 feet long and 14” – 48” tall but will vary by the shape.  These products pack a big punch but are very portable and easy to assemble.


The ultimate luxury is to have a hanging sign that rotates.  Not only will your logo be displayed above your competition, but it will be visible from multiple angles, with a rotation hanging sign, your logo will be visible from nearly anywhere on the trade show floor meaning you won’t have to worry which

Curved Square Hanging Signs

Curved Square Hanging Sign

side your logo is facing.  Exhibitors comment on how the rotation of the hanging sign not only looks great but also draws a lot of attention from prospective clients.  The rotating motor comes in three different sizes to go along with the size of the sign, the larger the sign is the larger the motor capacity needs to be.  No matter the size, the standard rotating speed is 2 RPM.

Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to differentiate themselves from the competition.  Hanging trade show signs are a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition at the perfect time, in front of a large grouping of your top potential clients.

CLICK HERE to visit our Hanging Trade Show Signs page.



XRline Display Kits

January 23rd, 2014 Comments off

Indy Displays, a leader in trade show displays and banner stands, is now featuring and promoting the XRline.  This turnkey product line is fully customizable, easy to put together tool free, and extremely portable.  With this manufacturer you know you’re getting the best when it comes to quality with excellent design.

The XRline allows you to customize your trade show display by adding monitor mounts, custom lighting, literature racks, counter and kiosks along with many other options.   Business executives and entrepreneurs alike love the lean and strong lines.  This look will draw attention to your booth and help attract new clients to your booth space.

10ft. XRline Display Kit 1.4

This XRline kit is a 10×10 display that features a custom back wall with dye sublimation graphics, attached laminate counter and monitor mount.  This kit also features a standalone custom laminate counter that will add depth and a welcoming feel to your booth space.

XRline Display Kit 1.4

XRline Display Kit 1.4



10ft. XRline Display Kit 1.6

This XRline kit is a 10×10 display that features shelving to display your newest or best products.  You can adjust the configuration to remove or add additional shelving to fit your needs.  As with other kits, this comes with a custom back wall with dye sublimation graphics, a detached locking laminate counter, three halogen down lights, custom printed wings, and four customized header pieces (three on back wall display, one on counter).

XRline Display Kit 1.6

XRline Display Kit 1.6


10ft. XRline Display Kit 2.2

This XRline kit is a 10×10 display with an oversized header graphic to attract attention to your brand.  This kit boasts two monitor mounts, one detached and one attached to the main display.  The monitor mount on back wall can hold a monitor up to 55”.  The custom detached kiosk will allow you pull customers into your booth space.  This kit also includes custom wing panels, additional custom headers, a laminate counter and literature racks on the main display.  This is a very interactive kit and looks complex but is a quick and easy set up, which is characteristic of the XRline products.

XRline Display Kit 2.2

XRline Display Kit 2.2

Retractable Banner Stands for Your Trade Show Booth

January 17th, 2014 Comments off

Participating in trade shows is a helpful tool for your business. It allows you to successfully deliver your message to your target audience and to your new customers. It also gives you the edge over competitors as you let your customers experience your products and services first hand. A trade show is a perfect venue where you can maximize your exposure and enhance your potential as the industry’s key player. Your participation will allow you to discover other opportunities for your business’ growth and expansion.

Joining a trade show is not merely an exhibit of products. You need to have good and customized materials for your exhibit. Your business’ identity and messaging should be reflected by your trade show display, thus, you need to ensure that you have the best display items.

We can provide you with all your customized trade show display needs. We will offer our expertise in the field of trade show displays to ensure that your company’s exhibit will stand out in a pool of companies.

One of the key things to trade show success is being able to attract new clientele and introduce to them the products and services that you offer. We can help you achieve this success by providing you with everything that you need.  Get the Best Banner Stands

  • Pronto Retractable Banner Stand. The Pronto Retractable Banner Stand is very easy to set up and you will need minimal time to do this. This is a high quality banner stand that you can get for an affordable price. Once you have identified where you want to display the banner, all you have to do is to attach the pole perpendicular to the base and pull the banner up to attach to the top of the mast. A clamp style top hanger will hold the graphic banner in place. Rest assured that this has a tight grip and the banner will stay in its place until you need to pack it up. The graphic will retract into the banner hardware once you are done using it. In terms of storage, you will enjoy the feature that the banner stand pole is stored in the base of the unit.

pronto retractable banner Pronto has three segments that you can use for your other display options. Of you want to use it as a table-top display, all you need to do is to assemble it higher. It comes with a black full padded canvas carrying bag. Another good thing about Pronto is that it comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Duo Hello Banner Stand Kit. The Duo Hello Banner Stand Kit is the most portable trade show display solution available in the market. The kit includes a portable shipping case with two retractable banner stands and a counter conversion kit. You can also change banners conveniently with its interchangeable graphic feature.
duo premium retractable banners kit

retractable banners kit

retractable banners with case to counter

premium portable banner kit


  • Backwall Retractable Banner Kit. Using the Backwall Retractable Banners Kit is a convenient and easy way to add a backwall graphics to your display booth. You can create a 10ft or 20ft backdrop from a retractable banner, depending on your booth space.

Pronto Retractable Banners Backwall Kit

  • Premium Rollup Classic Retractable Banner Stand.  The Expolinc Rollup Classic banner stand is the most reliable interchangeable banner stand on the market.  The swedish made hardware is sleek and stylish.  Plus it comes with a lifetime warranty on usage.  If the banner stand hardware ever fails, then it will simply be replaced.

Premium Swedish Retractable Banner Stand

Exhibit Line Display: The Modern Trade Show Display Exhibit

January 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Key players in the industry have grown aggressive in securing their own market share. Entrepreneurs have created ways on how to leverage their own strengths as they also seek ways on how to expand their current customer base and how to maximize all the other opportunities that are present in the market. One of the identified ways that is deemed to be effective in achieving all of these objectives is joining trade shows. Trade shows showcase and highlight the participating companies’ products, services, and offers. Participating in trade shows gives you the opportunity to capture your target market.

Just as much as the market has evolved through the years, trade show exhibits have also evolved as modern strategies, methods, and materials have been created. More display platforms and techniques have been introduced.

What is the Exhibit Line Display?

The Exhibit Line Display is one of the most popular innovations in trade show displays. It is a modern-looking exhibit that is made from aluminum and laminate exhibit display hardware.

Trade shows usually require a minimum amount of manpower for the display set up and for the actual exhibit. For companies who want to be cost efficient with their display package, the Exhibit Line is a good option. It is portable and is very easy to set up and you do not have to compromise your exhibit’s aesthetic appearance.  The entire Exhibit Line’s product range is designed to be set up without the need for tools.

The best and most in demand feature of the Exhibit Line is its ability to give your exhibit the modern and trendy look that will surely make you stand out from the rest. Its structure is made from custom modular aluminum extrusions that will give your trade show display the contemporary and corporate vibe that will attract new customers and will please your existing clientele.

The Exhibit Line Display Kit

The kit includes a custom flat laminate canopy that can hold 6 halogen lights.  You just need a 48.25T shipping case as your package for the entire trade show. Weighing only 56 lbs., the Exhibit Line Display is undeniably one of the most sought after trade show display systems today.

The Exhibit Line Display uses a dye sublimation graphic that is printed on poly knit fabric. The ability of this graphic is to sketch between the main custom modular extrusions without leaving fabric wrinkles once you already display it on the frame.

The entire product range of Exhibit Line carries all has a one year warranty. You can choose from the following accessory options:

  • Monitor Mounts
  • Exhibit line kiosks
  • Exhibit line counters
  • Literature shelves

10×10 kit princing includes the following:

  • Aluminum frame
  • Tension fabric graphic mural
  • Canopy header with halogen down lighting
  • Frosted plex header with graphic print
  • Frosted plex wing
  • Detailed set up instructions
  • One durable 48.25T shipping case with wheels

Another key feature of the Exhibit Line Display is its Green Display System wherein we use our eco friendly facility to ensure that the Exhibit Line product range is manufactured with minimal waste by using sustainable or recyclable materials. This is our own way of paving the path for a green and sustainable future.

10ft Exhibitline Display Kit

10ft Exhibitline Display Kit

20ft Exhibitline DIsplay Kit

20ft Exhibitline DIsplay Kit


20x20 Island Exhibit Kit

20×20 Island Exhibit Kit

For more information on Exhibitline and other display products, please visit


Why Exhibitors are choosing Tension Fabric Displays and Structures

January 2nd, 2014 Comments off

No matter what trade show, graphics printed on tension fabric displays can be seen on backdrop displays, hanging signs, and counters.  The popularity of this printing system is most likely due to product advantages like these:

  1. Tension fabric graphics deliver high quality color and images.
  2. Fabric graphics are much less expensive than laminate graphics.
  3. Tension fabric graphics are very lightweight and easy to pack and ship.
  4. Fabric graphics are much easier to maintain and can last much longer than laminate graphics.  In addition, fabric does not chip, dent, or delaminate.

The most common tension fabric display system is the tension fabric pop up display.  It’s simply the combination of a fabric mural graphic and traditional popup display frame.  Below is an example of our popular tension fabric popup display.  This display system can easily pack into a canvas bag or a portable hard case.  In addition, you can choose to add the case to counter conversion kit which will include a fabric graphic that place over the case/counter.

10ft Tension Fabric Popup Display

10ft Tension Fabric Popup Display

Our popular Exhibitline Display system features a tension fabric mural graphic.  Each graphic has silicone beading attached on the sides that fit into the aluminum frame giving the display a seamless and wrinkle free look.  This printing process is also simple and relatively inexpensive so replacement graphic murals or additional murals can be purchased and delivered with 2-3 business days.  

10ft Exhibitline Trade Show Display with monitor mount

10ft Exhibitline Trade Show Display with monitor mount

Whether your display is a simple tension fabric pop up display or a custom display that features tension fabric graphics, you will find that using this printing style will make exhibiting much easier on you and your exhibit team.

Trade Show Kiosks

November 6th, 2013 Comments off

Trade Show Kiosks continue to grow in popularity.  These days it’s very important for most companies to  incorporate media into their trade show booth space.  With such a high demand, trade show manufacturers have increased their trade show kiosk options in 2013.  The Exhibitline Display Line has really added attractive designs to their product catalog! Below are few portable products that we have had a great response on this year.

LT.Plasma Exhibitline Kiosk

This is a great portable kiosk option!  In addition to the attractive design, this product includes locking storage with shelving.  The monitor mount can hold up to a 55″ monitor.  The entire unit will break down into one case.  This option can also be used as a retail kiosk.

Ultra Portable Exhibitline Kiosk with locking storage

Ultra Portable Exhibitline Kiosk with locking storage


Exhbitline Monitor Stand

Simple yet effective trade show kiosk with a competitive price point.  This unit can also hold up to a 55″ monitor.  Choose from 5 stock laminate options for the counter top and base.  This display will easily fit into one case leave use plenty of additional room for product, banner stands, literature stands, or CPU.

Simple yet effective Exhibitline Monitor Stand

Simple yet effective Exhibitline Monitor Stand

Exhibitline iPad Kiosk Stand

This is a fusion of attractive design work and functionality!  This portable kiosk is perfect for any small booth space or large booth space.  It allows you to feature 2 iPad’s along with a small laminate shelf in the center. Easily fit 2 units in one hard shipping case.  Contact us today at 317-565-2255 for more information.

One of many Exhibitline ipad Kiosk units

One of many Exhibitline ipad Kiosk units

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Retractable Banners in Indianapolis, IN

November 5th, 2013 Comments off

Retractable banners have become one of the most popular trade show displays option in the market today.  Due to their portability and economical price point, may companies are downsizing from large custom exhibits to 10×10 booth spaces that consist of 3 or 4 banner stands.  When shopping for banner stands online you will find and endless amount of options with prices as low as $99 and as high has $799.  This can be very confusing for anybody that’s not an expert in the trade show industry.  The answer is simply to buy local.  Indy Displays offer multiple banner stand options with demos for clients located in the Indianapolis area to test prior to purchase.  Simply schedule a time for one of our experienced representatives to stop by your office and demo a few of our top selling displays.  Here is a quick preview of what we have available to demo:

1. Pronto Retractable Banner Stand – This option is are best seller.  The hardware is simple and user friendly.  The graphic is printed using our premium “diamond finish” printing process.  This is the best possible printing solution for retractable banners.  This process includes a dye sublimation print on fabric with a thin laminate finish on the backside of the graphic.  This laminate finish allows the banner graphic to stay flat and with this process light is unable to transfer through the fabric, keeping the colors bright and vibrant!

2. Expolinc Rollup Classic Retractable Banner Stand – This is the Cadillac option.  The hardware is Swedish made and comes with a lifetime manufacturer and usage warranty.  That means that if your banner stand breaks for any reason it will be replaced free of charge.  In addition, this retractable banner allows you to switch out banners yourself.  Each graphic banner rolls into it’s own cassette.  Each graphic cassette can be popped in or replace by the user with out any difficulty.

3. Orient Retractable Banner Stand – Indy Displays economical banner stand option.  This is a great product for the price.  It’s retractable hardware is user friendly and priced low enough to fit most companies budget.  The graphic is printed on a vinyl material.  Turnaround time on this banner stand is fast and is a great option for customers that need a last minute options.

Call us today to set up a demo appointment at 317-565-2255 or contact us online at

duo.Hello Retractable Banner Kit

duo.Hello Retractable Banner Kit

Exhibitline Displays offer Quick and Painless Assembly

September 17th, 2013 Comments off

Have you ever bought something that with the famous line “some assembly required” on the box?  This probably brings up some feelings of anxiety.  Fear not, with the Exhibit Line products.  Standard pieces logically fit together for an easy and quick set up.

The Exhibit Line EX1.V 10×10 trade show display comes with a shipping case that includes wheels and detailed easy to read instructions.  We recently timed two employees that had never assembled this unit before; they had this 10 x 10 booth option up in 20 minutes, while the 10 x 20 booth option was up in 30.  The portable display is easily extended by 5ft extension pieces that seamlessly fit on each end.  Setup at the following trade show was even faster!

Even though the EX1.V 10×10 exhibitline display is quick to set up and easy to transport, you do not have to sacrifice looks.  The poly-knit mural fabric graphic is designed to be inserted between the custom modular extrusions to ensure a tight graphic that is wrinkle free.

Time is money in a fast paced trade show environment.  Spend less time assembling and more time growing your business with one of many Exhibit Line products featured by Indy Displays.

To see the full line of 10ft Exhibitline Displays visit our website at

Exhibitline ex1.v

exhibitline ex1.v 10ft display