Trade Show Displays

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Portable Trade Show Display Cases are used to protect your company's important marketing materials and trade show booth. offers a full catalog of portable exhibit cases that include protective banner tubes for your large rollable fabric signs and retractable and tension pole banner stands, pop up display case to counters, roto-molded hard flat cases for most custom modular display product lines, and large shipping tubes and wood freight shipping crates for large custom island exhibit booths.

Custom Trade Show Display Cases:
Indy Displays has a United States based custom case manufacturing facility that can build portable wheeled cases, wood crates, and rotomolded hard plastic flat pack cases that can securely transport our client's trade show displays or large custom exhibit. Indy Displays also offers portable protective cases for computer monitors, LCD screens and interactive LED monitors. Other items shipping in protective convention display cases include rollable or rigid trade show signage, multimedia electronics and event promotional giveaways. Below are two examples of custom built portable cases.