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Why Xpressions® Connex™ LED Pop-Up Displays?

Pop-up displays are largely popular in the trade show industry because of their portability and fast set-up. However, LED backlit displays are the fastest growing trade show trend because of their unique, vibrant look. Our Xpressions® Connex™ LED Pop-Up displays combine both concepts to create a stunning backlit pop-up display that makes standing out at a trade show or event quick and easy! The high-definition graphic fabric panels and LED lights remain attached to the Xpressions® SNAP!™ modular frame, which clicks together in seconds. The Xpressions® Connex™ LED Pop-Up Displays allow exhibitors to spend more time focusing on lead generation and less time setting up and tearing down their booth space. Each of the Xpressions® Connex™ LED Pop-Up Displays include shelving that can hold products, literature, or promotional items. The shelving is as easy to set-up as the rest of the display, and also lightweight. Because of the modular frame design, any of the displays can be reconfigured to create different shapes and sizes.

An exhibitor with a creative vision can create convex or concave configurations, utilize square, trapezoid, or rectangular shaped shelving, and even add frame sections to form dynamic octagon islands. The possibility of having a custom booth design with a portable, pop-up display can allow any amateur or seasoned exhibitor an opportunity to make an impact at their trade show or event.


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