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Backlit Trade Show Displays feature ultra-portable LED edge-lit, fluorescent light bar or LED ladder curtain panel lighting kits. Backlit light box booth stands are available for purchase in standard size packages or may be customized backlit walls for seamless booth design integration. Backlit Displays include energy efficient lightbox graphic illumination, using engineered LED lighting technology, seamless SEG fabric mural graphics and user-friendly modular display hardware. Standard backlit lightbox display kit sizes include 10' x 10' displays, 10' x 20' booths, 20' x 20' island exhibits, small tabletops, portable counters and double-sided free-standing lightbox sign towers. Click Here to view 10' x 20' Backlit Display Options. LED illuminated booth walls are often exhibited in corner booth spaces and can easily be integrated into any existing trade show booth layout. Our large online catalog of brand-name portable trade show displays include the largest selection of backlit displays, LED lightbox signage kits, and "next generation" LED trade show lighting technology you'll find in North America.

What are the benefits of Backlit LED Displays?

First and foremost, modular light box displays are designed to elevate the look and feel of a trade show booth. The backlighting feature transforms flat graphics into dynamic, attention-grabbing art murals. Because the graphic fabric stretches tightly across the ultra-thin light box frames, the backlit SEG displays offer a clean, edgeless appearance. LED light box displays are also highly customizable and can be configured in a wide variety of ways. The frameless backlit SEG frames can be attached to walls, hung from ceilings, or arranged to connect together for corner booth setups. Lastly, these modern, low-profile designs are easier to transport than many non-backlit models, helping to save on shipping and labor costs.

Brand-name backlit display kits include the backlit Burst tension fabric pop up display, Panoramic custom modular SEG fabric kits, eco-friendly eSmart sustainable hybrid backlit trade show displays, wireless LED lumos light tower kits, and our best-selling Pliko LED backlit display. Indy Displays also designs state-of-the-art fully custom backlit displays featuring the latest LED technology in the exhibition industry. Backlit LED lightbox displays have quickly become Indy Displays' bread and butter, and are continuing to introduce new designs and lighting technologies to the exhbition industry each month!  

Backlit Trade Show Displays

Custom Modular LED Light Box SEG Fabric Displays are a popular and aesthetically-pleasing backlit trade show display option for your next exhibit booth layout. Featuring lightweight AGAM, XRline, and Octanorm aluminum modular frame hardware, portability, and user-friendly setup are just a few features that make these modern trade show displays the evident alternative to cumbersome truss and custom wood panel systems, often built by large custom event suppliers.

Once installed, the real benefit of a backlit display is clear, as the LED light strips are equipped with optics that provide homogenous light diffusion, which prevents hot-spotting on our premium TriFab opaque tension fabric graphic murals. In addition, LED lighting is a lasting investment, with their user-friendly interchangable graphic system. allowing ever-changing communication and rebranding on quickly produced exhibit mural graphics. Economically beneficial as well, with low energy consumption LED lighting, with systems like our "next generation" portable fabric light box display, these exhibit light panels can last over 10 years. Choose from single or double sided tension fabric murals, finished with SEG technology, and are available in both standard and custom modular display kits.

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If portability is a must, the Backlit Pliko Portable Lightbox Trade Show Display is the most lightweight LED lightbox display on the market today. The Pliko display is portable, affordable, and can be setup by just one exhibitor in 10 minutes. Pliko is the perfect alternative to a traditional pop up display, like our Burst Fabric Backlit Pop Up Display. The ultra portable aluminum frame requires no tools to assemble and is manufactured in the USA using recycled folding aluminum pieces.  The wrinkle free and vibrant dye sub fabric graphic mural fits into the aluminum channel along the frame, using the SEG beading stretch fabric seamless graphic finishing system.

Using a brilliantly designed backlit display will effectively increase your brands visibility and give your display booth a modern contemporary stylish, without paying the inflated costs of purchasing a complete custom built trade show exhibit, that many pay using a large custom exhibit supplier. Indy Displays offers the top custom LED lightbox exhibits and portable backlit display solutions, without charging excessive design and production rush fees. Our small team of trade show experts, that we like to refer to as "exhibit consultants" take pride in our unique skill set and custom solutions, unavailable through many of our competitors. We know that creating the pefect client experience and operating with minimal overhead, will allow us to continue to be North America's #1 Backlit Displays Supplier!