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Segue Hybrid Backlit Display VK-1956


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  • Total Weight + Case: 85-95 lbs per case (2)
  • Graphic size (1) 92" H x 95" W
  • Turnaround Time 10-15 business days
  • Set-up Time 1 hour
  • Display Size 114" W x 95" H x 25" D
  • Display Warranty Lifetime hardware

Display Information:

Our 10’ x 10' Segue Hybrid Backlit Display VK-1956 will make an impact at your next trade show! Backlit displays are the fastest growing trend in the trade show industry and this Segue display is top-of-the-line in backlit excellence. Modular design, silicone edge graphics, and lightweight aluminum hardware combine to create a perfect option for a 10’ x 10’ trade show booth space. LED lighting and high-quality graphics will beautifully showcase your message. The bold and pragmatic display can even be expanded to a 20’ exhibit.

Packed in molded, wheeled cases, the exhibit includes reusable die-cut foam to protect your display and make packing easy. Segue allows even the most amateur exhibitor to look like a pro with their individually numbered parts and detailed set up instructions. Accessories are available to enhance the booth space, such as counters, tables, chairs, and more. Contact us today and we’ll help you choose the best display configuration for your next trade show!

Why Segue Hybrid Backlit Displays?:

Backlit displays are the hottest exhibitor trend for good reason. They add a unique aesthetic to any display space and Segue has perfected the quality and technology of backlit hardware and graphics. The utilize Silicone-Edged Graphics, which allow many benefits including lightweight graphics and frames, as well as pulling the fabric taut for wrinkle-free displays. Due to strategically placed LED lighting, the dye-sublimated graphics have no distracting hot-spotting. All of our 10’ displays are re-configurable to 20’, offering our clients versatility and longevity in their display choice! Also, a lifetime hardware warranty ensures continued satisfaction. Segue Hybrid Backlit Displays combine form and function to create displays that will be the star of any trade show!

Price Includes:

  • Segue aluminum extrusion hardware frame
  • SuperNova™ LED lights
  • Front Silicone Edge Graphic fabric
  • Rear reflective fabric
  • Laminated backwall counters (2)
  • Portable Roto-molded wheeled cases (2)
Segue Hybrid Backlit Display VK-1956


Segue Hybrid Backlit Display VK-1956 with counters


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