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10 x 10 eSmart Hybrid Backlit Display ECO-1053


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  • Turnaround Time 10 - 15 business days
  • Set-up Time 1 hour
  • Display Size 10' W x 10' H
  • Display Warranty Lifetime hardware

10 x 10 eSmart Hybrid Backlit Display ECO-1053 blends the two hottest trends in trade show displays, backlit and eco-friendly. Boasting a recyclable aluminum frame and energy efficient LED trade show lighting, this backlit display provides a solution environmentally-conscious exhibitors. A 10’ x 10’ trade show space is perfect for this modular LED lightbox frame that is simplistic and sustainable. All design aspects are eco-friendly, as well! At an impressively low price point, the display kit offers the features and benefits of a high-end display, yet remains budget friendly. The 10ft display is ideal for additional accessories to fit the needs of your booth space, from counters, to stools, to iPad stands, all of which are eSmart products and available for purchase. The ECO-1053 is also reconfigurable to fit a 10 x 20 booth space, adding even more lifetime value to your purchase. If reducing your environmental footprint is important to you or your clients, look no further than our modern eco-friendly LED lightbox solutions for a green trade show display that will take your product, brand, or company to the next level.

Why Eco-Friendly LED Backlit Displays?:

Our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays have been created to provide environmentally-conscious exhibitors the option of stunning backlit displays. Backlit displays are the fastest growing trend in the trade show industry, with their modern, eye-catching LED lighting. High-definition, silicone-edge graphics are elevated by carefully placed backlighting that eliminates hot-spotting and gives your booth a seamless, professional look. Designed with our green-friendly clients in mind, the lightweight frame is engineered from recycled aluminum and the LED lighting is certified energy efficient. In addition to the eco-friendly design features, this 10ft lightbox display can be packed and shipped in either one large crate, or two flat pack wheeled cases. Choose our Green Hybrid Displays to have not only the most impactful display on the market, but also lower your environmental footprint with the greenest, most eco-friendly displays on the market! Many 10' x 10' displays can be enhanced by adding exhibit flooring, trade show supplies, and other modern trade show ideas. Incorporate a backlit table or wireless Lumos LED Light Tower, which allows you to illuminate your brand anywhere inside your trade show booth space, and can be repositioned without the annoyance of exposed electrical cords or having to pay additional show service union fees. LED trade show lighting and backlit lightbox display kits are continuing to grow in popularity. If your branding is dated, and it's time for a huge upgrade, jump on the LED light box exhibiting bandwagon and blow your competitors out of the water at your next trade show!

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